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NFTs and "physical" artworks

The artist Holoman, creates interactive and immersive artworks.

The NFTs

My NFTs are not images (jpg, png) or videos, but real interactive and immersive works of art that come in the form of applications (.exe) that can be displayed from a computer on a screen, like a permanent and random “digital painting”. These are 3D sculptures in a sculpted setting mixed with digitized and reworked paintings and drawings to become the overall work. If you have a VR headset (but it is not mandatory) you can move in the 3D universe in immersion (6 DoF), walk, fly or teleport and trigger invisible “events” disseminated by the artist.

The work of art is organic and “alive” because it is “coded” to be changing and evolving in a random way. At each second of their diffusion, my works of Art are constantly different.

– Day and night are synchronized to the local clock with the alternation of day and night, and each day the colors of the sky change.

– The virtual statue changes its pose and drawings/paintings/sculptures materialize when the owner walks through the scenery as he triggers invisible interactions placed by the artist.

– The soundscapes and music are composed by Holoman and coded to be “directed” by a virtual and random conductor and avoid repetition.

– Regular updates will allow the interactive artwork to evolve with the operating systems (Windows), but also to integrate interactive surprises created by the artist that will increase the value of the artwork.

– When you use the screen diffusion, a random camera moves around the sculpture and the drawings on a random path. You will always have a different angle of view, never repetitive.

– NFTs are sold as single works and are not collections. They include a high-end computer design by Holoman, as well as the necessary copy protection and a VR headset.

Sculptures in Holographic 3D Display Cases

You surely know the holographic windows which diffuse videos of holograms in loops… It is not what ArtOfuture proposes you.

ArtOfuture offers a concept adapted to Digital Art! My artworks are real digital ecosystems, driven by an Artificial Intelligence, artistic works even more evolving with “tribes” of sculptures that will love each other, confront each other, live in a universe whose codes will be dictated by the artist.

A virtual camera flies over and moves in this universe to project in the holographic window the life of Holoman’s “living sculptures”. Each second is a moment in the life of this work of art. The artificial intelligence governs the soul of the sculptures, their stories but also the movements of the virtual camera to make you live the strong moments of this incomparable universe.

Each holographic showcase is a unique model.

The Artificial Intelligence

Beyond the daily life of this universe-work-of-art, the AI manages the evolving narrative. Yes, the “inhabitants” of this universe will live constant adventures, day after day, some will have an adventurous or timid temperament and this will lead them to their destiny of living works of Art.

Holoman is also a specialist in new writing, he teaches in many schools and universities.

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