The Future lies with HoloVeeArt

VR Stage Performance and Holographic screening

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HoloVeeArt is a show that mixes the artistic possibilities of Virtual Reality, holographic projecting and interactive music to provide the audience with an unforgettable experience by a VR Artist.

The characters and the sets are built virtually in public. They first appear as holographic projections and are then animated in live. The holographic sculptures start to live, tell a story and interact with the audience. HoloVeeArt is a hybrid show, between theater and multimedia opera.

HoloVeeArt received in December 2019 the “Aide à l’Ecriture des Nouveaux Médias” from the City of Paris.


HoloVeeArt project’s particularity is to propose a technological mixing by hybridizing VR and “unreal” holographic projections. This groundbreaking storytelling is built on the vision of the “researcher” in new languages as well as on an interactivity between the soul of the story that is shared between the virtual sculptor- the actors- the animated sculptors, and the audience.

HoloVR Prod aims to create a software to outperform current tools’ capacities, on the graphic artistry and on the production and staging. This new tool will enable the creation and animation of sculptures.

The live / interactive system / VR Artist

In this performance, the sculptor who works in a VR area can now open up his world to the audience with no VR headset. The storyline and the characters come alive in front of the audience and lead them to a fictional world, built and animated in real time in a holographic space-time framework.

This is one of the main differences with a standard prerecorded hologram show: the performers on stage can interact with the audience, and the audience can watch the artists performing.