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Sculpting in VR with live Holoprojection

A VR Hologram sculptor invites you into his virtual workshop to witness SpeedSculpting in Augmented Reality on his stage. Below you can view video demos for specific and general purposes.

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Showreel HoloVR Prod

Are you busy? Are you running out of time? This video sums up the 3 following videos: HoloVR Prod’s work in the area of holographic live sculpture. Further down, you can find specific videos on the classic Holograms performances, the Holograms and Lasers shows, and the HoloSpeedSculpt/Tiltbrush Artist concept.

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Hologrammes & Tracking Laser

The HoloSpeedSculpt performance comes in two different artistic versions. You can discover in this video the show with a tracking laser on the sculptor artist.

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"Earth Legacy" at the Virtual Reality Show : Virtuality 2019

HoloVR Prod opened the 2019 Virtual Reality Show, Virtuality with the HoloSpeedSculpt performance called “Earth Legacy”. You can discover the highlights of the live performance in this video.