The SpeedSculpting perfomances last from 3 to 35 minutes of show.

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Sculptures holographiques

VR enters a whole new world, an immersive show.

Earth Legacy is the first HoloVR Prod original live show part of the HoloSpeedSculpt programs. It fits with the latest innovations of the digital and multimedia art. The HoloSpeedSculpt concept features a sculptor sharing his virtual fantasy with the audience through a completely visual storytelling set by holographic projections.

The SpeedSculpting performance is defined by its speed execution. The VR-Sculptor relentlessly creates virtual sculptures and depicts them as paintings to open up his world to the audience.

Symbolizing the convergence between Street Art, Comics Art and Pop Art, the HoloSpeedSculpt performances are just as iconic to hologram shows, than Graphic Novels are to Comics.

This production is a “Holographic novel”, a plastic work with moving “motion pictures”, as seen in Comics books, to tell you a story all the while letting your imagination run free with your own artistic freedom. The artist chose to share his world and his work with the VR, in live, with an audience, in a room. He invites you to “enter” his VR headset.. 

A VR tale

This show brings you to the modern history of our world, our life, the consequences of our choices and their aftermath on the heritage of the future generations: Will Life on Earth as we know it be a memory in the future?

The live show

In this performance, the sculptor, working in a VR area, can now open up his world to an audience with no VR headsets. HoloVR Prod is gathered around new technologies and wishes to present to the public an innovative synthesis in images and narration. VR is still widely seen as a socially “isolating” and elitist immersive tool, whether it is to experience an artistic and cultural experiment or to play a VR arcade game.

With the Earth Legacy performance, HoloVR Prod is working to abolish this barrier by inviting the audience to participate and assist to the real-time work of the artist who is “the teller of visual and digital stories”.

Holoman, a storyteller, a «Digital Griot»

Under the pseudonym «Holoman», the artist is a polymorphic VR-Sculptor. He has long worked on clay modeling as a self-taught artist. Its primary mission is to share in a live show his creations with the public while conveying a universal message with Earth Legacy.

He also worked on musical writing (Jazz and Classical) composing all the show’s musics and created all the animated visuals of his performances. Mixing his skills, his work, his creations and several technological media makes him one of the spokespersons of Virtual Digital Art.

Demo HoloSpeedSculpt/Tiltbrush Art

Discover the HoloSpeedSculpt concept, “ Tiltbrush Art” and the VR  sculpting. In this video you can have a look at the work of Tiltbrush, also known as “Holoman”. The speedsculpting consists in making live sculptures between 3 and 5 minutes accompanied by video mapped scenery and music.

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